Saturday, 25 February 2012


Well last night we went believe me when I say I am from the city of London I was most unimpressed when my 10 year old girls went into a possum shooting frenzy!!!
They shot 5 with their dad Paul while I was driving the ute..
And did you know that possum fur can get $140 a kg so we spent until 12;30pm plucking their fur (I say we...I went to pluck a little bit and the poor dead possum let off a great big fart and I nearly threw up!!)

I have to worry about farm kids? do I????
My off road half marathon is next sunday, so I did my last long training run of 13km this morning around the hills of Whakatane (BEAUTIFUL)
on an even nicer note I found some photos of charlotte swinging from a pohutukawa tree on holiday in whanarua spent a lovely peaceful hour scrapbooking..

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  1. Charlotte looks to be having a lovely time! Cute photos and great page. Love how you have your photos 'grouped'.